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"Have you ever been afraid? I'm talking about walking into a room full of teal spiders afraid. That's the kind of fear I had after my "nutty" summer!"

In "My Nutty Summer,"

Nia fears returning to school after her summer break when she finds out she has food allergies and must stay away from certain foods. She questions if this will keep her from having friends and even teachers.

This series explores the fears and assumptions related to food allergies through a child's eyes. It is a great educational tool for all children as it highlights the importance of avoiding allergens, identifying signs of an allergic reaction, and reasons for protecting someone with food allergies.

Read more to see if Nia's first day of school will be as “nutty” as her summer break!


"Severe Food Allergies Exist!!!

An allergic reaction to food can develop at any age!!! While most symptoms are mild and limited to skin or digestive discomfort, some may progress to a severe, life-threatening allergic reaction called anaphylaxis. This can lead to constricted airways in the lungs.

If this happens to someone you know or love, are you prepared?

"My Nutty Summer" shows the importance of identifying, reacting to, and preventing allergic reactions.

You will also find a comprehension page to discuss what you've learned. While the glossary may be too advanced for little readers, the activity page is sure to spark their interest!

Please do not forget to follow Nia’s journey as she empowers kids to advocate for themselves, help a friend in need, and stand up for what’s right!

Thanks in advance for standing With Purpose!


Hello, I am Nia

I use to be allergic to Eggs, Nuts, and Sesame. Now, I am just allergic to eggs. One of the worst parts about having an egg allergy is not being able to eat cake at birthday parties. Good thing my parents takes me an egg-free cupcake or a special treat to every party I go to.


Some of the things I love to do is dance, play with make-up, but most of all, I love to read!

So, I look forward to discovering more adventures!


I hope you look forward to


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