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Our goal is to raise awareness about food allergies. We want to prevent allergic reactions! Our handcrafted awareness accessories are visible, and their unique and stylish designs make them extremely noticeable. What's most important is that, each one conveys a medical message that can save a child's life.  


For what ever reason, allergies seem more prevalent now than they were in the past. In some cases they can be deadly if they're not urgently and properly cared for. The scariest part about allergies is that new sensitivities to allergens can develop over time. For example, someone can be allergy free to a particular item today, and develop sensitivities later. As a result, we have to be  prepared, and make sure that others are just as prepared as we are.  


 Let's get to know each other! I  would love to share and learn more about what it takes to protect our children and the children around us. Please check out the Blog linked to this website and let's talk.

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