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Welcome to our awareness shop!!! 

I'm a mother of two amazing little girls. I have a 4 and 11-year-old, both of my girls have food allergies. We are avoiding several allergens between the two of them: peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, eggs, sesame, sunflower, and milk. The purpose of our movement is to bring awareness to children with food allergies. We aim to educate adults and children about the importance of keeping children with food allergies away from certain foods, and how to be prepared if an allergic reaction were to occur. We want to make sure that what happened to us doesn't happen to you. Whether it's with your child or a child that you're caring for.

When Lena was a baby, I had the biggest scare of my life. I gave her a taste of mashed potatoes from a restaurant, and by the time we arrived home she was having an allergic reaction. I had no clue what was going on! All I knew was that something was wrong by the puffiness and redness on her face, so I immediately became terrified. The sound of her scream made me panic even more.

After rushing her to the hospital I was informed that she had an allergic reaction and that this reaction could have been remedied by over-the-counter medication. Although this was the case, I was still unprepared. For starters, I PANICKED & secondly I didn't have the medication.

As irrelevant as allergies seemed to be in the past, so many people are being affected by them now. In some cases, an allergic reaction can be deadly if it's not urgently and properly cared for. Therefore, we HAVE to be more prepared and be certain that the people around us or the ones that are caring for our children are prepared as well.

Let's get to know each other!!  I would love to share and learn more about what it takes to keep children safe, and ways to make our jobs easier when caring for them.

Please follow us on Instagram: @lamandbeyond & @lenas_bows, and Facebook: LAM&Beyond !!! We have so many awesome things in store. 

                                                       Love Marshella, Lena , & Nia

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